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Best country to safari in Africa

Best country to safari in Africa

Wondering what the best country to safari in Africa is? South Africa, Kenya or Botswana – we have the answer for you. Many safari enthusiasts have varying opinions on what the best country to safari in Africa is. The question comes down to what are you wanting from your African safari?

South Africa

South Africa is considered the best country to safari in Africa due to its vast offerings. South Africa is a country that offers wildlife, cultural and historic activities for the whole family. South Africa is renowned for the incredible Kruger National Park where you can spot the Big Five. The Kruger National Park is one of the largest game parks in the whole of Africa. The Kruger offers a variety of accommodation options making it desirable for many travellers. In South Africa, you can also visit the iconic Table Mountain which has phenomenal views over the Mother city. There are also countless opportunities to interact with communities and give back when visiting this incredible country. Travellers in South Africa can also visit Robben Island which is famous for being the island where freedom fighter Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 18 years. South Africa’s vast range of offerings including breathtaking nature and wildlife make it the best country to safari in Africa. With that being said, many consider Kenya to be the best country to safari in Africa.


Kenya is renowned for its ample wildlife, picturesque beauty, and diverse cultures. In Kenya, you can not only spot the Big Five, but you can also witness the great migration. The great migration involves around 1 million wildebeest, hundreds of thousands of zebras and copious amounts of antelope migrating from the Masai Mara Reserve to the Serengeti. This is a phenomenal site to see and is one which will stay with you forever. In Kenya, your safari can take on many forms including walking, horseback and quad biking safaris to name a few. This country is also considered the best country to safari in Africa due to it having both bush and beach offerings. After exploring the bush one can head to the beach where they can enjoy marine safaris and relaxing after an enthralling bush safari. Botswana has a lot to offer safari lovers too and can also be considered the best country to safari in Africa.


Botswana has been highly decorated as the best country to safari in Africa. This is because this phenomenal country has so much to offer. Firstly, part of the incredible Kalahari Desert is in Botswana. The Kalahari Desert is where you are likely to spot the renowned black-maned lions! Travellers in Botswana are not only going to see the black-maned lion but they are also bound to spot all members of the Big Five. Botswana’s vast landscapes allow for a thrilling safari from exploring the desert lands to exploring the phenomenal Okavango Flood Plains.

The Okavango Delta is one of the top places on many travellers’ safari bucket lists. The Okavango Delta floodplains fill up with water from rains in the Angola highlands. The water takes about three months to flow down the Delta until it floods the plains in Botswana. The floods create a magnificent show as wildlife flock to this wetland oasis. It is truly an unforgettable site! While visiting the Okavango Delta floods it is customary to go on a Mokoro Adventure which is a traditional dugout canoe. On this adventure, you will float through the Delta channels and be truly emerged. You will witness many animals bathing and drinking in the water along with being transported by the magnificent sounds of birdlife and nature around you. We recommend staying at Delta Camp when visiting the Okavango to get the true Delta experience! Thus, the incredible Kalahari Desert, great wildlife and the Okavango Delta make Botswana the Best country to safari in Africa.

With our three best countries to safari in Africa being discussed, we think it is up to you to choose the best safari destination for you. Be sure to use JENMAN African Safaris to plan your African Safari and let our expertise be help you have an unforgettable adventure!

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