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Best Honeymoon Resorts in Africa

Best Honeymoon Resorts in Africa

Are you looking for the most romantic honeymoon resorts in Africa? If you’re looking for an African Safari Honeymoon package, then you’ve found the right article to help you plan the trip of a lifetime with the love of your life.  

Zimbabwe Honeymoon Resorts

One of our most popular honeymoon packages is the honeymoon package to Victoria Falls and Hwange in Zimbabwe. This itinerary starts and ends in Victoria Falls and includes all our favourite highlights. You’ll bear witness to the magnificent Victoria Falls and enjoy numerous safaris and game drives in the Hwange National Park. The accommodation screams “romance” as you’ll stay at a beautiful lodge with a private, secluded sleep-out deck. You’ll be able to sleep out in the open; under the African starlit sky, surrounded by the bush. You’ll never forget waking up to animals lingering at your private water hole – right at your feet.

It’s completely safe as our deck is built on stilts, and you’ll have radio communication with the main lodges for anything else you need, including champagne! Another highlight includes a relaxing and memorable sunset cruise on the great Zambezi River. This boat-safari allows you to be a silent spectator, observing the numerous wildlife gathered along the riverbed. From great elephants to antelope, rhino and hippos – you’ll love snuggling up with your partner at sunset, sipping on a cocktail and soaking in the scenery. It’s an unbelievable experience.  

The Eye, Zimbabwe
The Eye, Zimbabwe

Zanzibar Honeymoon Resorts

If you’re looking for a beach honeymoon in Africa, then you’ll love our popular Zanzibar Honeymoon Package. You’ll enjoy frolicking on beautiful coral beaches with translucent blue water and paper-white sand. Our partner hotels offer delicious local cuisine, seafood, a variety of water activities and a fantastic spa.

Zanzibar Queen Hotel, Zanzibar
Zanzibar Queen Hotel, Zanzibar

Madagascar Honeymoon Resorts

You may also be interested in our Madagascar Honeymoon Packages. This destination offers breathtaking landscapes, picturesque beaches and adorable lemurs. Note that both Madagascar and Zanzibar offer the Indian Ocean, meaning that the water temperature is perfect for water activities such as snorkelling, swimming and other water-sports.  

Honeymoon Safaris

If you’re more interested in a Safari Honeymoon in Africa, then take a peek at our numerous packages in Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia. We also offer “beach and bush” packages so you can experience both. Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Our team can customise your itinerary to ensure that you experience your dream destinations and lodges – even the famous Giraffe Manor in Kenya!  

Giraffe Manor, Kenya
Image credit: Giraffe Manor, Kenya

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So, we crossed the border and stayed at Shoestrings hostel in Victoria Falls… nice place though pretty empty (we’re in the rainy season remember so not a top tourist time). First things first: Money changing! There are 2 options: No.1 the official way ~ change

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