6 Delicious Namibian Dishes

6 Delicious Namibian Dishes

A visit to Namibia promises a delightful gastronomic experience, with an extensive variety of dishes to choose from. The food in Namibia is renowned for its delicious and distinct flavours, sure to leave you thoroughly satisfied and eager for more.


A potjie is a meal prepared in a three-legged cast iron pot over an open fire. This dish typically features meats like game, beef, or lamb. To enhance its flavour, a variety of vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, and cabbage are added, along with a selection of herbs and spices. Traditionally, potjie is served with rice, resulting in a truly delightful and satisfying culinary experience.


Biltong is a mouthwatering snack that can be savoured at any time of the day. It consists of thinly sliced meat that has been seasoned and air-dried. There is a diverse array of biltong flavours and varieties to choose from, including chili or chutney infused options. Typically, biltong is crafted using beef, game, or ostrich meat.

Meat skewers

Meat skewers are an immensely popular meal choice in Namibia. They involve threading pieces of meat onto skewers and grilling them over an open fire. The meat is frequently seasoned with an assortment of herbs to enhance its delectable flavors. The meat options for skewers encompass chicken, lamb, ostrich, beef, and game, providing a diverse range of choices to cater to various preferences.

Namibian Oysters

Namibian oysters thrive in the cool Benguela Current, flowing alongside Walvis Bay, where abundant oxygen and plankton foster their rapid growth. In a remarkable span of only eight months, these oysters reach an impressive size, making them more substantial than their French counterparts.

To fully savour these indigenous delicacies, they are best enjoyed raw, accompanied by a squeeze of lemon, a dash of pepper, or a few tantalising drops of Tabasco sauce. Serving them on a boat, a picturesque jetty, or during an enchanting sunset meal by the ocean ensures an immersive experience, allowing the delicate oceanic flavours to unfold and be savoured to the fullest.


Boerewors, a dish in Namibia, is a type of ground sausage made primarily from beef, goat, or lamb. The meat is spiced and prepared then the sausage mixture is then stuffed into a casing. The term “Boerewors” is derived from Afrikaans or Dutch and translates to “farmer’s sausage.” Originally hailing from Europe, Boerewors can be cooked using various methods, including grilling, frying, baking, or roasting over an open fire. It is commonly enjoyed alongside a salad or accompanied with pap.


This dish stands out as an extraordinary gem in Namibian cuisine. The consumption of bullfrog is particularly prominent in the northern regions of the country, where locals employ a unique cooking method involving the use of dry Omuhongo wood to cover the saucepans. This practice is crucial to ensure safety and prevent any potential toxicity. Therefore, it is advisable to indulge in this delicacy only when it has been prepared using the traditional cooking technique.


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