Nature’s Masterpiece: The Okavango Delta

Nature’s Masterpiece: The Okavango Delta

Imagine yourself in the heart of Botswana, where the Okavango Delta, one of the planet’s largest inland deltas, unfolds its secrets before your eyes. Unlike the typical river deltas that meander into the ocean, the Okavango River takes a different path, spilling its waters onto the open savanna. As you explore remarkable landscape, you’ll witness the savanna transform into an ever-changing inland delta. Join us as we delve into ten captivating facts about this UNESCO World Heritage Site, an adventure that unveils Africa’s enchanting wildlife destination like never before.

Originating all the way from the Angola Mountains, the Okavango Rivers‘ course spans an impressive 1,600 kilometers, leading it on a western trajectory towards Botswana, as if in search of the distant Indian Ocean. Yet, a fortunate twist of fate intervenes for Botswana’s wildlife, as the waters never reach the ocean’s embrace, and the river gracefully surrender to the thirsty sands of the Kalahari Desert. But before this fate is sealed, a transformation occurs, birthing the grandest oasis Africa has ever known.

Okavango Delta, Botswana
Okavango Delta Elephants, Botswana

Wildlife you can find in the Okavango Delta

Botswana, the proud custodian of one-sixth of the world’s elephant population, offers you a favorable chance to witness the beauty and intelligence of these giants when you visit the Okavango Delta. The white rhinos outnumber the critically endangered black rhinos, but for those interested in spotting a rhino, Chief’s Island is the place where both rhino species can be found year-round. The Okavango Delta region is home to only about 40 black rhinos.

While guarantees are rare when it comes to encounters, one thing is almost certain: the presence of ample hippos! These colossal creatures, known for their water-loving lifestyle, are a common sight in this landscape. You’ll likely spot them lounging in groups, affectionately called ‘pods,’ as they revel in the waters. The chances of spotting these majestic beasts are in your favor, as they congregate near the Delta’s life-giving waters. Generally, the months of September and October will bring you the best buffalo experience. During these months of blazing heat and arid conditions, buffaloes seek sanctuary at watering holes, creating their own unique display.

The Red Lechwe is an antelope, perfectly adapted to the wetlands, with striking reddish-brown coat and impressive spiral horns. These agile creatures possess the remarkable ability to thrive in marshy environments, gracefully navigating the watery domains of the Okavango Delta.

Group of female Red Lechwe - Okavango Delta - Botswana
Group of female Red Lechwe antelope in the Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta birds

With around 400 bird species, the Okavango Delta is well-known for being one of the best places on the African continent for bird watching. The ideal months for serious birders to visit the Okavango Delta is between November and April, when many species migrate to the area.

The red-billed oxpecker can often be seen sitting atop snoozing hippos. Red-billed hornbills have a special relationship with the mongoose and alert them when predators are near. African Jacanas, have bright blue markings and long legs. African fish eagles and the Delta’s powerful birds of prey. The wattled crane is Africa’s largest crane species.

Safari to the Okavango Delta

Prepare to be transported to one of Earth’s most renowned wilderness area, where nature’s finest spectacles await your arrival. Imagine elephants, buffalo, giraffes, hippos, antelope, leopards, hyenas, zebras, and crocodiles all coming together to form a living tapestry of wildlife that you might get to see during your safari. If you plan your trip to coincide with the floods, you’ll be treated to a phenomenal spectacle. Picture thousands of African elephants engaged in an epic movement between the Okavango, Linyanti, Savute, and Chobe regions, demonstrating the splendor of natural cycles. Furthermore, smaller elephant herds live in the swamplands all year, providing you additional opportunities to see their captivating presence.

We’ll assist you in securing the best accommodations near the Okavango Delta and surrounding attractions, ensuring your comfort and convenience throughout your trip. We can design custom tours to the Okavango Delta, taking into account your budget, preferred activities and amenities. We can also provide you with a detailed packing checklist that includes essentials for African safari adventures. 

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