General Manager: Johann Barnard

General Manager: Johann Barnard

Johann Barnard’s promotion to General Manager

With light at the end of the travel tunnel, Jenman African Safaris would like to shine their own light on an extremely dedicated and passionate individual; Johann Barnard.

From starting as Product Manager then moving to Head of Product, Johann Barnard has poured commitment and passion, along with many bottles of red wine, into his love of travel. At the end of 2020, we were honoured to announce an additional promotion within Johann’s career – to General Manager.

With the decision being made in 2019, and Covid hitting before the promotion was declared, this exciting change within the company has remained behind the scenes. However, Johann transitioned to the position with quiet grace, accepting the momentary lack of celebration of this well-deserved achievement in his career. Stepping in at such a turbulent time took courage – manning the helm while the traveling ship needed to weather uncertain storms. Nevertheless, Johann exuded confidence, confronting the strong winds.

The whole team at Jenman African Safaris would like to thank Johann for his consistent and courageous perspective, reflected in the staff morale and commitment to the brand.

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