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Shoebill Tracking Safaris

Shoebill Tracking Safaris

Join JENMAN African Safaris on one of our shoebill tracking safaris to the Bangweulu wetlands in Zambia where these birds can be viewed in their natural habitat. The shoebill stork has a typical height of about 120 cm with a wingspan of about 250 cm, but it’s mostly popular among bird watchers due to its huge bill, which measures along the top of the upper mandible to about 24cm. This is the 3rd longest bill among extant birds, the first being the pelican followed by large storks. 

Shoebill Tracking Safaris
Shoebill Tracking Safaris

Shoebill Nesting Season

May to October
Along with the start of the dry season, the shoebill breeding season begins. In terms of the reproduction cycle, this will begin with nest construction and progress all the way through fledging. Although the shoebill is generally silent, when it is nesting, it makes loud bill-clattering displays. Adult birds have also been heard to make cow-like mooing noises and high-pitched crying noises when performing similar demonstrations. Planning your shoebill tracking safaris according to the nesting season should give you a better chance at witnessing these demonstrations. The best time to view chicks on your shoebill tracking safari to or Zambia will be September and October.

Shoebill Tracking in Zambia

Shoebill Island Camp is situated in the Bangweulu wetlands in Zambia and is home to over 430 globally significant migratory & resident bird species including the magnificent shoebill. The Bangweulu wetlands also contains 10% of the world’s wattled crane population. A visit to Shoebill Island Camp wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Shoebill Guardian Program and the shoebill nests (seasonal).

Shoebill Island Camp, Zambia
Shoebill Island Camp, Zambia

South Luangwa + North Luangwa + Bangweulu Swamps

12 Days – Highlights of Luangwa & Bangweulu

This Zambia safari package is an incomparable wildlife experience. Combine 6 nights in South Luangwa National Park with 3 nights in the remote North Luangwa National Park and end off with 2 nights at the incredible Bangweulu Swamps. It’s an itinerary built on unique experiences in Zambia such as seeing the iconic shoebill or cycling through the Luangwa bush.

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