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Beneath the Stars on Safari

Beneath the Stars on Safari

Being forced to travel within, to truly observe the relationships and dynamics around us, we have been able to evaluate what makes us happy. Without the movement and distraction of everyday life, we have had time to sift through our thoughts, focus on our growth and make intentional, healthy choices.

One of the lessons which has risen out of recent adversity is how important it is to choose who we spend our time with. With a fresh understanding of ‘time is of the essence’ we ensure ours is spent wisely, with those we cherish. From ensuring quality experiences with family and friends, as well as your partner, we gift each other authenticity and presence. By being locked in or locked away from each other, we realise the value of one another and how sharing happiness as well as hardship is essential for relationships.

These lessons have emanated significantly within the romantic realm, giving us a deep sense of knowing who we want to share our lives with. Taking the reigns of romance and time into our own hands, people have declared their undying love, wasting not a moment more to tie the knot. Some have known each other for years, their eyes open to what is before them, others have embarked on unconventional journeys of love in the time of corona. Either way, people have found their ideal partner to be locked in with, or to travel the world with; choosing a relationship which will suit all terrains.

In the spirit of sharing life experiences, from sunrise to adventures to romance, Jenman African Safaris has compiled a starry eyed list of locations for lovers. If romantic experiences were stars, we would give you the sky. Whether it be honeymoon, anniversary or first time trip, the following selected destinations are guaranteed to make the stars in your eyes shine for each other, and Africa. 

Zimbabwe – Best of Hwange Fly-In

Sleeping outdoors surrounded by wilderness, beneath the African sky with nothing but you, your loved one and the sounds of the night is the definition of wild romance. During our Best of Hwange Fly-In itinerary, we spend two nights at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange.

This boutique eco-lodge on the border of Hwange National Park, situated on its own private concession, boasts the options of a star-bed. ‘The Eye’ star bed is 3km away from the main lodge, situated on a waterhole on a busy wildlife corridor. Nestled in the trees and raised for safety, you have a birds eye view over the pan, quietly and respectfully observing the animal action.

Having enjoyed your activities for the day and dinner at the lodge, the Eye awaits to show you the wonders of the pure African night. You will be greeted on arrival by a gorgeous ‘room’ set up with mosquito nets, champagne and an explosion of stars. With zero light pollution, the stars seemingly envelope the night – the definition of off the grid allure.

Botswana – Botswana Sensations

Bubble bath, champagne and lantern light invite you to submerge in the outdoor bath-tub at Little Pan Camp, Botswana. A one night only wonder during our Botswana Sensations itinerary, this is a bucket list experience for a starry eyed romance. From floating hides to traditional mokoro canoes poised in anticipation of adventure – our Botswana Sensations safari is an immersive expedition through ancient animal migratory routes and corridors.

Explore the old while embracing the new, embarking on a safari which ignites the senses with intimate excursions beneath a blanket of African stars.

Perfect Hideaways
Image: Perfect Hideaways

Namibia – Dunes of Namibia Self Drive

Our Dunes of Namibia Self Drive is the ultimate adventure couples getaway. Taking control of the wheel of exploration, you and your loved one set off into the red dune coloured sunset. Curated with the soul of an explorer, this itinerary takes you through a variety of experiences, from witnessing wild horses, to deserted village towns, to the coast of Swakopmund.

The highlight, however, is an overnight stay at Namib Dune Star Camp. Each room has a double bed designed to be wheeled out to spend an evening under the African stars. The excitement of sleeping outdoors is as endless as the night sky above, stars seemingly stretching into infinity. Between being mesmerised by the sky above and being enveloped by the sounds of the night, this experience is the ultimate connection to each other, and nature.

Namib Dune Star Camp
Namib Dune Star Camp

Contact us at JENMAN African Safaris to ensure your love story is scribed in the African sand, written in the stars, accompanied by champagne. Your adventure – our expertise.

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Beneath the Stars on Safari

Being forced to travel within, to truly observe the relationships and dynamics around us, we have been able to evaluate what makes us happy. Without the movement and distraction of everyday life, we have had time to sift through our thoughts, focus on our growth

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