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The Northern Regions of Madagascar

The Northern Regions of Madagascar

The Madagascar North Adventure tour is a fantastic nature-filled holiday travelling around the top tip of the island nation. Spend 8 days exploring the best that northern regions of Madagascar and see what this amazing place has to offer with JENMAN Madagascar Safaris. This small guided group tour that takes you from the waterfalls and lakes of Montagne d’Ambre National Park to the underground caves of Ankarana and the lush island paradise of Nosy Be can be booked either on a classic or superior package.

The tour starts and ends in Antananarivo giving guests the opportunity to experience Madagascar’s vibrant and bustling capital city before immersing themselves in a more relaxed and idyllic nature-filled lifestyle. The first stop after Tana, as Antananarivo is affectionately known, is the amazing Amber Mountain Reserve. To reach this stunning reserve of lakes and forests guests first fly to Diego Suarez and then are driven directly to the park. The park’s highlights include sacred waterfalls, magical green forests, swirling butterflies, and the world’s smallest chameleon: the Brookesia Micra. This mountain reserve is named after the resin that seeps from the trees and is an eco-tourism success story. The clearly marked paths and various trails are a dream for hikers of all levels, with the mountain summit providing particularly breath-taking views.

The next exciting destination is Ankarana Special Reserve, a nature reserve with karst pinnacles, sacred caves, underground rivers and jaw-dropping scenery. Its limestone pinnacles are known as tsingy formations, tsingy means “where one cannot walk barefoot” in Malagasy. Running through and under the pointy tsingy are hidden forest-filled canyons and several subterranean rivers. Explore the extensive cave system, which includes several fascinating bat-filled grottoes as well as cave-dwelling crocodiles. Guests have 2 days in this extraordinary reserve, said to have the highest density of primates of any forest in the world, as well as a good mix of lemur species. It’s a truly unique area providing exceptional landscape and abundant animal life.

After exploring this remarkable topography it’s time for a tropical island paradise and aquatic adventures. Nosy Be provides just this utopia with palm-fringed white sands, clear turquoise waters, and fragrant rainforest. In addition to its attractive beaches, the island is also known for its friendly people and relaxed Indian Ocean ambience.  Nosy Be (‘Big Island’) is the largest of Madagascar’s offshore islands. Tourist brochures often refer to it as the ‘Ile aux Parfums’ because, like the nearby Comoros islands, it is a centre for the production of perfume essence from the ylang-ylang tree. Other island products include sugar cane, coffee, vanilla, pepper, saffron and other spices – making the markets in Nosy Be a delight for the senses and rich with bargains!

After your sojourn in paradise, it’s time to return to Tana for some last-minute shopping, historical buildings, and some final cocktails before returning to the real world filled with memories that will last a lifetime, or until you return again.

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