JENMAN African Safaris’ NEW logo

JENMAN African Safaris’ NEW logo

Date: Jun 12, 2013

After many years of the traditional JENMAN logo, JENMAN African Safaris has rebranded our familiar logo with a new modern, refreshed and exclusive look and feel. The logo represents our way forward, matching high-quality product offerings and many exciting future developments. Watch this space! The three colours in the new logo are a testament to the true vision of JENMAN; the blue represents Madagascar, the red represents the East Africa and the yellow represents Southern Africa… all the areas where Jenman clients visit.  The JENMAN history in the African travel industry has proved leadership, expertise, and a true passion for travel – we love what we do, we love Africa, and we want to share it with the world!

When the new logo was launched at Indaba last month, many people commented on the fresh new look, believing that the blue symbolizes the African sky, the rust red was the sun-baked earth, and the yellow was the hot African sun…. either way, we love the creative input!  Everyone was also excited to see all the improved and upgraded.


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