Mokoro Adventures in Botswana

Mokoro Adventures in Botswana

Make your Botswana safari a memorable experience by exploring the Okavango Delta with mokoro adventures. The mokoro canoes are made from the dug-out trunks of large trees. The local Botswana people that hand-make these mokoros have become experts in this craft, making it their main source of income. Supporting this venture and travelling on hand-made mokoros are recommended for a Botswana safari.

The mokoros are guided by a poler who steers the canoe. He uses a method of propulsion (pushing a pole into the water beneath the mokoro) to navigate along the river. This method of propulsion decreases any negative impacts on the sensitive water environment below. It is a great way to explore the Okavango Delta, Botswana national parks, the beautiful surroundings and a great variety of African wildlife.

Mokoro Adventures, Botswana
Mokoro Adventures, Botswana

Okavango Delta

Its meandering waterways, palm-fringed islands, ox-bow lakes, and lagoons give the area an exquisite beauty, as well as an abundant ecosystem. When you embark on a Botswana safari through the Okavango Delta, you will explore an environment that supports large herds of elephant, antelope, and buffalo, as well as hippo, giraffe, crocodile, lion, cheetah, leopard, wildebeest, rhino, zebra and baboon. An Okavango Delta safari will bring you in close contact with over 400 species of birds, including the African fish eagle, Pel’s fishing owl, crested crane, lilac-breasted roller, ostrich and the sacred ibis.

Mokoro Adventures, Botswana
Mokoro Adventures, Botswana

Khwai River

There is a multitude of options in the Khwai area to make your holiday to Botswana a safari to remember. The biodiversity from land to water leans itself perfectly to explore the abundance of fauna and flora species. Khwai offers prime wildlife viewing best explored through game drives and guided bush walks, led by experienced guides with intimate knowledge of the local surroundings. Night drives is also a popular activity in Khwai, seeking out nocturnal species like aardvark, aardwolf, pangolin, and porcupine. The lifeline that is the Khwai River is best suited to traditional Mokoro adventures that will ensure an authentic Botswana water safari. The best time for this excursion is between April and October when the water levels rise significantly and the many channels are passable.

Mokoro Adventures, Botswana
Mokoro Adventures, Botswana

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