Dunes of Namibia

Dunes of Namibia

We have been dreaming about safari travel for longer than anticipated. From hard lockdowns to lifted bans, spanning from the impossible to barely out of reach. We have learnt to understand that travel is a luxury – that the choice to step outside, explore, expand our mental and physical horizons is something of a delicacy for the soul. 

Without simply being able to jump on a plane and satisfy our appetites for adventure, we have certainly explored the corridors of our mind, embarking on journeys with our imaginations. At Jenman African Safaris, we have curated new itineraries and launched live conversations and webinars to discuss, share and inspire African journeys. From opposite ends of the world, from one home office to another, we have dreamt about sailing into the sunset, with a cocktail and a camera filled with memories.

Last year, we launched a competition for two lucky winners to travel the landscapes of Namibia. Our safari specialists were asked to create an itinerary that they have dreamt of doing; a trip designed with the heart of an explorer. This, combined with the expertise of our consultants, resulted in an adventure of a lifetime. We partnered with some incredible suppliers along the way – including the Gondwana Collection, whom the trip would not have been possible without.

Belgium sisters, Irina and Mila, were the lucky winners of this incredible prize. Irina received the message from Jenman African Safaris, immediately called her sister and said, 

“Pack your bags! We’re going to Africa!” 

In a recent live conversation, Irina reminisced about sleeping under the stars, enveloped by the African night sky. Mila loved the cultural experience with the San Bushmen, sharing their traditions of old. The two added on three nights at Etosha Safari Lodge to spend time in a game reserve – rewarded with rhino, cheetah, elephants, secretary birds and more. Being able to interview them while they were currently in the safari seat was exhilarating – even though, for now, we remain on the sidelines. Jenman African Safaris is simply grateful to see people willing and ready to explore our beautiful continent once again, the light at the end of the travel tunnel shining through the stories of those on the ground. Thank you ladies for being the pioneers of African adventure for Jenman African Safaris in 2021!

As first timers to Africa, they didn’t quite know what to expect. With a set itinerary in place, ensuring they experienced the best of Namibia – from luxury to local encounters, they simply needed to hop on a plane. With a negative covid test, of course! The prize was originally a self drive adventure through the deserts, dunes and towns of Namibia – however the two ladies decided to not only extend their stay, but include a private guide. They wanted to get the most of their journey, and having our professional guide Chantel van De Linde lead the charge certainly gave them the opportunity to do so.

Dunes of Namibia
Dunes of Namibia

Chantel has travelled extensively throughout Namibia, it being her favourite African destination, especially to host clients. This is due to its variety in landscape and experience, as well as the fascinating character of the country not always seen by the untrained eye. Her knowledge and expertise enhances a trip by offering a deeper insight to a destination, in both wildlife and culture.

Dunes of Namibia
Dunes of Namibia

Coming from Europe where space is not readily available, Irina and Mila were blown away by the vastness of the Namibian landscape. Driving through the country allowed them to truly observe its scale and diversity, mesmerized at the changing terrain stretching to the horizon. From exploring the stark contrasts of Sossusvlei, to climbing and running down the Big Daddy Dune, to time travel at the ghost town of Kolmanskop, these travelers certainly fully embraced their opportunity for experience! They even added in an adrenalin activity in Swakopmund and went skydiving, sea and desert below as their view. What a way to feel free!

Dunes of Namibia
Dunes of Namibia

Watch the full Facebook live to hear about the ladies’ experience. We shall be launching another very exciting competition soon, watch this space so that you too, may embark on an African adventure of a lifetime!

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