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When onboard the Sovereign Houseboat, Lake Kariba you are surrounded by wilderness. With only the horizon as your limit, you embark on an adventure exclusively your own, sharing the sights and sounds of nature with those cruising beside you. Exploring islands inhabited by wildlife, drifting beside national park shores and floating beneath the African sky gives a sense of being enveloped by the wild. Surrendering to the wilderness that surrounds us – we are changed – being allowed a small glimpse into its timeless ways, charmed by its magic.

From Masumu River Lodge, sail on Lake Kariba houseboat safaris, the Sovereign Houseboat offers a unique safari experience. Designed with space and style in mind, Lake Kariba houseboat safaris ensures options for relaxation throughout your stay. Lake Kariba is the world’s largest man-made lake, located along the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Sovereign Houseboat was designed with space and style in mind, ensuring options for relaxation throughout your stay. The lounge and 10 bedrooms are air-conditioned, allowing for a moment of cool and quiet from the African heat.  Panoramic views lure guests to the lounge area, as well as up a staircase leading to a daybed which boasts a bird’s eye view of the lake and its surrounds. A swimming pool calls for relaxation and reprieve, as well as offering the perfect spot for a gin and tonic, paired best with sunset.

Sovereign Houseboat on Lake Kariba

Time on the Sovereign moves at its own pace. It seems to slow down, days stretching across the reflection of the water, rising with the heat and carried by the sounds of the fish eagle.

Room Types

  • 10 En-suite air-conditioned guest rooms each with a view of the lake.
  • Accommodates a maximum 20 guests.
  • Rates are based on 8 guests – additional guests would pay USD 380 per person.


  • Swimming pool
  • Bar


  • Sunrise and sunset game viewing cruises
  • Fishing
  • Beach barbeque

Choose currency

$ 3,160.00

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