Sardine Run Safaris

Sardine Run Safaris

Experience the thrilling adventure of our Sardine Run Safaris near Port St. Johns, located along the Wild Coast of the Province Eastern Cape of South Africa. Here, history unfolds as the sardines gather en masse before embarking on their remarkable journey towards Mozambique. Join us and witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of this natural phenomenon, immersing yourself in the excitement and wonder of the Sardine Run.. As the Ultimate Marine Adventure, our safaris cater to adventure-minded travelers seeking an extraordinary encounter. Brace yourself for an immersive journey like no other, where the Sardine Run unveils its mesmerizing spectacle. Join us as we dive into a world of swirling sardines, synchronized predators, and the untamed beauty of the marine ecosystem. Get ready to embark on a transformative adventure that will leave you in awe of nature’s wonders. The Sardine Run Safari is an adventure scuba diving and sea expedition which takes place off the Eastern Cape coast of South Africa, during the month of June & July.

Safari Duration: 9 days (8 nights, 7 days on the water and general touring)

Sardine Run Safaris
Sardine Run Safaris

Scuba, Snorkel & Freedive

  • Scuba & Snorkel option for the scuba divers
  • Snorkel only for divers without scuba certification
  • Freediving, the practitioners of this wonderful art

Due to the speed of the action and animal movement generally on the Sardine Run, all interactions begin on snorkel – which means roughly 70% of total in-water experience is going to be on snorkel, by necessity. At every opportunity, our priority is to utilize scuba diving to its fullest potential. We firmly believe in exploring the underwater world and engaging with the marine environment. Our approach is simple: if we come across any target that is not moving faster than we can on scuba in a linear direction, we seize the chance to dive.

Microlight Flights

With a dedicated microlight aircraft for spotting action and animal activity in the ocean – the information then relayed to our dive boats directly which gives our boat skippers maximum coverage of the ocean – and maximum choice for getting the best results for our guests. An additional value-add for our guests is the fun-flight in the microlight, included in each guests program, to give the aerial perspective of the magnificent area we work.

Included in the Sardine Run Safari:

  • 7 ocean days on the Sardine Run (weather dependant)
  • 1 x Microlight flight per guest (weather dependant)
  • 8 nights accommodation full board
  • All transfers ex Durban KSIA
  • Arranged afternoon activities
  • Cylinders, airfills, weightbelt

Why go on a Sardine Run Safari?

The Sardine Run in South Africa is a remarkable natural event that takes place along the country’s east coast, typically between May and July. It is a migration of billions of sardines (specifically the South African pilchard, Sardinops sagax) as they move in vast shoals from the colder waters of the Cape to the warmer subtropical waters of KwaZulu-Natal. The Sardine Run is often referred to as the greatest shoal on Earth, as it involves a massive gathering of sardines along the coastline. This migration is not only a spectacle of nature but also attracts a multitude of predators, including dolphins, sharks, whales, seals, and various bird species, who take advantage of this abundance of food. Diving during the Sardine Run is a thrilling adventure, as participants have the chance to encounter massive schools of sardines, as well as dolphins, sharks, and other marine creatures in their natural habitat. It is a truly immersive and awe-inspiring experience that showcases the wonders of the ocean and highlights the intricate balance of marine ecosystems.

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