Funny SAFARI Stories

Funny SAFARI Stories

We thought that this week we would share some funny safari stories from some recent tours. Below are two funny stories from Andree (JENMAN Safaris tour guide), on his first guided tour around Botswana with a group of German clients. We hope these stories will make you laugh and brighten your day. Enjoy!

Smoke without fire?

An exciting and fascinating 14-day tour through Botswana, Namibia and Zambia comes to an end in Livingstone. The bush-conquerors from Germany are meeting for a final breakfast on the patio of the Waterfront Lodge. Together, they are enjoying their last meal of their safari overlooking the mighty Zambezi River.

For a last time, they want to talk about their experiences they’ve had during the past days; some members of the group are already thinking about their journey home. Macka, from the Rhineland looks lost in thought over the water. Suddenly she shouts excitedly with her Cologne accent: “Look! There is a ‘bush fire’ burning over there!”

The rest of the group is at first alarmed but then bursts into loud laughter. What Macka considered to be a fire, was nothing but the fuming steam of the Victoria Falls, they had been visiting the day before. The last glance onto that impressive cloud of smoke – called Mosi-o-Tunya (the smoke that thunders) – will always be in remembered by the German bush-conquerors.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Malaria – take it seriously but don’t panic

Regina from Hannover has chosen the month of August for her journey to South Africa. In contrast to Europe, the nights in Botswana are really chilly during that time of the year. The lady from the reception was really kind and placed an extra blanket onto her bed. This time of the year is even too cold for the mosquitoes. Nevertheless Regina and the rest of her group are safe and protected by anti-malaria-medication. One evening the female teacher already felt very sleepy before dinner and went to bed quite early.

Next morning at breakfast there was an explanation for her sudden tiredness: In the darkness of her safari-tent she mixed up the malaria prophylactic with the tranquillisers she used as a protection against her fear of flying.

Regina was very calm and explained: “I was not protected against Malaria but at least the tranquilliser was so strong that I couldn’t be worried about not being protected.”

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