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Tips for Travel Agents: MADAGASCAR

Tips for Travel Agents: MADAGASCAR

Madagascar is a unique place. One simply has to look at all the weird and wonderful plants and animals of Madagascar to understand this. For a travel agent looking to package and sell this incredible island destination to clients, we have listed a few crucial tips that will help turn any client’s holiday dream into the trip of a lifetime!

Options, options, options…

Always give your clients a choice of a few different itineraries to choose from. In order to sell a holiday to a country like Madagascar, which might not be on the top of your clients bucket list as it’s still fairly unknown for even experienced travellers, you have to be informed. We suggest offering clients several itineraries, as this will help them understand the scope of what Madagascar has to offer.

Andohahela National Park
Andohahela National Park

A to B? Not so easy!

Make sure to familiarise yourself with different flight routes on how to get to Madagascar from different countries. Also, take note that the northern part of Madagascar remains inaccessible unless you have access to a 4×4 and travelling times by car are bumpy and time-consuming. Most travel agents prefer to use charter flights within Madagascar. JENMAN Madagascan Safaris can always assist you in finding the best and cheapest possible routing for both internal and domestic flights.

Give them what they want

Choose your packages carefully to match your client’s expectations but more importantly, their pockets. We have conveniently listed the majority of our tours in a three-tiered price structure to help you find the perfect tour for your clients.

Classic – You will experience a classic mid-range accommodation in simple, clean and comfortable lodges, chalets and permanent tented camps.

Superior – You will experience comfort which is equivalent to an upper mid-range level. It’s an excellent value for money experience.

Exquisite – All lodges and tented camps in this category offer complete luxury. It’s the best accommodation in terms of food, decor, facilities and location.

Combine packages to create the perfect itinerary

The great thing about Madagascar (and JENMAN Madagascar Safaris) is that you can easily mix and match packages to create a holiday that meets your clients ‘expectations. We always recommend using our tour 1000 Views of Madagascar as a base because it includes all the major tourist highlights.

1000 Views of Madagascar
1000 Views of Madagascar

Madagascar is so much more than a beach

Many consider Madagascar to be only a beach destination, but it has much more going for it. From tropical jungles to slow meandering rivers, rocky mountain formations and incredible expanses of grasslands, the natural beauty of Madagascar extends beyond what you would find at your average on your average tropical beach holiday tours. Some off the beaten track options include river cruises, kayak tours, cycling and walking safaris.

Tsingy de Bemaraha
Tsingy de Bemaraha

Go there!

We have a saying at JENMAN African Safaris that pretty much sums up how we feel about selling Madagascar – it is one of the few places in the world that you cannot sell unless you have been there and experienced it for yourself. The thing is, Madagascar is a one of a kind destination that is simply not comparable to other tropical island destinations such as Zanzibar or Mauritius. JENMAN offers annual FAM trips for travel agents who are looking to share this incredible place with their clients. Should you be interested in experiencing one of our FAM trips, contact us today!

Build Your Trip

With the power to specify your travel dates, the number of travelers in your party, and your preferred destinations, we’ve made it incredibly convenient for our travel consultants to curate the perfect expedition for you.


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