Top Guides For Private Guided Tours

Top Guides For Private Guided Tours

A good safari always turns into a fantastic safari when a guide is able to expertly connect with their guests, intuitively meet their needs, and share a wealth of knowledge that fascinates and enlightens them to the point of being blown away by what they have experienced.

Many of our guides consistently receive good reviews, glowing recommendations, or even requests for future safaris. Whether they have been with us for a long time or are relative newcomers; they all have on thing in common: that special touch that creates unforgettable safari experiences. Here are four of our top guides for your introduction!



Norbert has been guiding since 1999 and has been with Jenman for 4 years. Starting out as a freelance crew member he quickly moved through the ranks to become one of our very best private guides. Norbert is particularly in touch with the many African traditions and cultures, and loves to share fascinating insights into the lifestyles and customs of the various tribal groups met along his tours. As a passionate advocate for nature, Norbert is always sure to share his love for African wildlife and impart the importance of conservation to his guests. We have thrown everything at Norbert and he always comes out on top! On any tour there is a chance for unforeseen challenges, be it a clash of personalities, vehicle issues, or on-the-ground complications… Norbert is the guy who always sorts out any problem with ease. He’s chilled yet vibrant with a wonderfully open nature and a true asset to the Jenman team.

Areas of expertise: Botswana, Namibia, Vic Falls

Favorite African destination: The Spitzkoppe Cave Paintings in Namibia.

Best Private Guided Tours: Botswana Wildlife Breakaway, Botswana Untouched, Great Trans African Lodge Safari, Southern Explorer, World in One Country, Botswana Lodge Explorer, Intimate Botswana & Zimbabwe, Northern Explorer, Namibia Lodge Safari.

Guest reviews: Guests are especially impressed with his cooking skills remarking that “he should be on MasterChef with what he can create on the bonnet of a 4×4 safari truck! I’m going home to diet!!”



Ntando has been guiding for 18 years and has been with Jenman for 8. Within his first year he moved from an independent guide hired on a tour-to-tour basis, to a full time Jenmanite, leading both specialized series tours as well as guided groups and fam trips. His love for nature started as a young boy herding goats, donkeys, and cattle in rural Zimbabwe, and he says that from the time he joined the Boy Scouts, his dream for a career in guiding was obvious. Since then, he has gathered many experiences to share – “things have happened on our safaris that I could talk the whole day without a break. Some instances make us laugh loudly and uncontrollably, others teach us how to appreciate, while others shower us with adrenaline”.

Areas of expertise: English, Ndebele, Tonga, Nyanja, Shona

Favorite African destination: Namib Desert

Best Private Guided Tours: Botswana Wildlife Breakaway, Botswana Untouched, Botswana Lodge Explorer, Great Trans African Lodge Safari, Namibia Lodge Safari, Northern Explorer, Southern Explorer, Northern Explorer.

Qualifications: Medical Air rescue Service, Zimhost, as well as the Professional Hotel & Tourism Consultancy.

Guest reviews: “What made our trip exceptional was our guide, Ntando Hlabangani. Ntando was an excellent guide, He was very well informed about wildlife, local issues, geology, botany wildlife parks and day to day living in Africa all of which he shared with us. He also prepared some of the best meals we had on the trip. Ntando was friendly, always smiling, had a great sense of humour, was very professional and made sure our needs were met. Ntando’s excellent guided tour through Victoria Falls was filled with history and a look at the past, present and future of the Falls was one of the highlights.”



Lucky has worked in the tourism and hospitality sector for 15 years and signed with Jenman as a permanent guide in 2016. Professional in every sense of the word, nothing is too much for Lucky and he always goes above and beyond for his clients. Lucky has been our Guide of the Year for two years in a row. He is truly an expert on the natural world, and is passionate about his country, culture and wildlife. Very personable with a fantastic sense of humour, his hard work, excellent guest reviews, and dedication to going that extra mile in everything he does consistently leaves guests singing his praises. It’s no wonder he is one of our top guides.

Areas of expertise: Astronomy, Fauna, Speaks English, Shona, Ndebele, Xhosa

Favorite African destination: Victoria Falls

Best Private Guided Tours: Botswana Wildlife Breakaway, Botswana Untouched, Northern Experience.

Qualifications: Zimhost, National Certificate in Tour Guiding from the University of Zimbabwe, as well as a member of the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA).

Guest reviews: “We were lucky enough to share a wonderful adventure through a variety of countries, cultures and unbelievable wildlife. This would not have been possible without the professional skills of our guide and new friend named LUCKY. The irony is that WE were the lucky ones! LUCKY went above and beyond in every aspect of our adventure creating life time memories by providing access to people, places and experiences which we will never forget. Both myself and my partner would happily go on any tour he was running.”



Todd has been with Jenman since 2012 and has run countless Guided Group tours as well as Fam trips and custom series tours. He is an exceptional guide because of his knowledge of African animals and places and heritage from years of experience doing overland tours and having a passion for wildlife, conservation, and diverse culture. He knows the country like the back of his hand. Todd is always respectful to guests and is extremely flexible and always more than willing to help – he will fix and make a plan whenever needed.

Areas of expertise: Wildlife and History of San Rock Art.

Best Private Guided Tours: Northern Experience, Southern Experience, World in One Country, Cape Town to Vic Falls, Garden Route, Vic Falls to Windhoek.

Qualifications: Accredited Field Guide – Department of Economic Development & Tourism, Kenyan Wildlife Association

Guest reviews: “Our guide Todd was so friendly, helpful, and funny and had so much information to share about South Africa. Even though we had a tight schedule, our guide made it seem like a stressless trip while bringing us to places on time.”

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