Fall in Love with AFRICA

Fall in Love with AFRICA

They both wanted a holiday that would guarantee an adventure into greater Africa and they chose JENMAN African Safaris to assist them with all the necessary arrangements. Little did they know that this would only be the first of four trips to Africa, and JENMAN was delighted to plan and manage the trips on their behalf. Although the price was not their primary concern they thought that JENMAN African Safaris compared favourably to other operators.

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Presuppositions About Africa

With South Africa not at war but still being considered a dangerous country, it makes sense that tourists take special precautions when visiting. “I never felt unsafe during my travels in neither South Africa or Madagascar. Local guides took special care of our personal safety and security to ensure that we are comfortable at all times,” Bill said. He continued by saying that they were both surprised by the number and variety of wild animals saw during their visits to Africa. “We were not expecting to see as much Wildlife in such a short period of time,” Bill said.

Top Travel Experiences

The couple shared how they rediscovered the ‘old way’ of travel by hitting sandy off-roads, exploring forests and paddling through astonishing African. One of the most unforgettable experiences for the couple, when travelling to Botswana was the Bird Watching Chobe River Cruise Tour from JENMAN African Safaris. “We were amazed to see such a great number of bird species while cruising on the river.

This granted us with more than enough photographic opportunities to capture a variety of incredibly beautiful birds. One bird that particularly stood out was the national bird of Botswana, the Lilac Breasted Roller. It was amazing,” Bill said. Another highlight for the couple was when an elephant approached their safari vehicle in Hwange National Park and sniffed their hands almost like an elephant handshake. “The guide knew the elephant well enough to know that he was not dangerous. We were stunned by this experience!” Bill stated. Their favourite experience at the Tugela River Camp in Sossusvlei were the amazing sunsets. Bill recalls, “We sat on the deck of our room while enjoying some sundowners when we were astonished by the most incredible end-of-the-day surprise, a sunset as we have never seen before. This was unspoilt natural beauty at its best.”

During their visit to the South of Madagascar, Bill and Claire thoroughly enjoyed seeing the salt pans and the colony of Greater Flamingos but what stood out most was the exceptional standard of the upgraded accommodation and the excellent local food. “Accommodation and food plays a vital role in the overall travelling experience. Our expectations were exceeded by a long run,” Bill said. Accommodation options available while travelling Africa are countless and can vary from tented camps, chalets and luxury lodges. “Jenman African Safaris tented camp accommodation are mostly four-star quality, clean, and immaculate with ablution blocks conveniently located close to the tents. We highly recommend upgrading your stay as it made our accommodation experience an unbeatable one. JENMAN African Safaris never disappoints.” Bill says adding, “Some of the camps even offer hot water bottles in your bed on chilled evenings.”

Although a good sunblock, hat and camera are essential for any sunny holiday, Bill shared some of his best packing tips to take into consideration when travelling to Africa.

  • A good medical kit with antibiotics (for peace of mind)
  • Travel light or torch
  • 3-in-1 travel plug
  • It could get cool at night. Pack one of each of the following: top, long johns, jersey, sandals, walking shoes, jacket (waterproof is handy)

There is no need to pack a hairdryer as most accommodation options offer this. “The best time of the year to travel to Africa is during July or August when temperatures are not too high during the daytime,” Bill said.


“To travel and explore is what we love and JENMAN African Safaris is sharing that passion. Their expertise offers various value-for-money travelling options. What sets Jenman African Safaris tours apart from the rest are the excellent food and accommodation, custom designed quality truck vehicles and drivers, knowledgeable guides and personal attention. Their small group safaris allow for a more personal safari adventure, better game viewing and the ability to tailor-make travel arrangements to best fit our immediate priorities, budget and needs,” Bill said.

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