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The Best Safari Guides!

The Best Safari Guides!

As you know, a guide can really make or break a tour… But, more importantly – guides become part of the safari family, they become best friends with our clients, they share in those unforgettable experiences that happen out in the bush, they represent what we stand for – they are, in theory, us on tour… except we are in the office wishing we were out in the bush instead of them… And because our guides are so important to us we even insure them – covering them for any absence, accident or unforeseen circumstances!

Reasons why our guides really are the best:

Secret chefs – our guides are expert cooks that can create MasterChef meals with only a few ingredients. They also are able to cater for all appetites and preferences while ensuring that all meals include all the important meal groups. And after safari it’s almost guaranteed that as much as you try to recreate the same dish – you just can’t. If only we knew their secret ingredients…

Magical animal trackers – as much as we try to spot that animal first and claim the glory on safari, our guides have the amazing ability to see through the bushes and see that once of a lifetime animal sighting! Maybe they have supersonic hearing or an animal application that we don’t know about?

Specialised drivers – no hill, ditch or river is ever a problem for them. They are skilled to move our 4×4 vehicles over any obstacle … Those times when we hold our breath as we climb a hill or drive through a river makes us feel very silly when the guide looks at our concerned faces and laughs!

Passionate experts – they are extremely passionate about the areas that they travel to, the animals that they see and the cultural experiences that they take part in! You would think that even though they have probably seen a leopard a 100 times that they wouldn’t be excited to see another one? That is not the case…. They whip out their camera and start snapping pictures… their excitement is infectious!

Qualified – our guides are not only great but, they also are fully qualified with FGASA and DEAT which means that they are complete experts in the safari industry! During these courses (FGASA, DEAT) they learn about wildlife, vegetation, history, area facts and more. This is why they are able to answer all your questions and even provide you with weird facts and stats! We dare you to test them on your next safari and see how much they really do know…

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