Experiencing Madagascar

Experiencing Madagascar

Over the years we have sent many clients and even some of our staff members to the warm and tropical shores of Madagascar to explore the beaches, national parks, and towns that make Madagascar the exotic and vibrant island it is!

Personal feedback and lived experiences can often be the most important tool when it comes to selling a destination, especially one as unknown and off the beaten track as Madagascar. We’ve compiled some of our client reviews to provide you with a firsthand account of just how amazing the country is and what they felt the real highlights were.

We had an awesome time. Iranja is the most beautiful beach in the world. The snorkelling was on a par with Barrier reef and Red sea – just beautiful. The rainforest was a great experience and Tana fascinating. Thanks for everything.

– Kathy

The trip was excellent – just too short – will go back anytime – well organized and one hell of an experience. Planning to go and cycle there in the near future – hopefully around the entire continent!!!!!!

– Pierre

Ile aux Nattes and St Marie were the closest vision of paradise I’ve ever seen. The beaches were long and quiet, and the local people were so friendly. Our accommodation in St Marie was particularly perfect, with hammocks between palm trees, and a long jetty with sun loungers at the end where you could snorkel and climb onto a rock.

The beach chalets were quite simple but had everything we needed, and they were just two metres to the turquoise sea! I particularly enjoyed hiring a bike for the day and cycling through the village.

– Mia

After travelling through the dry landscape for a while, almost starting to feel the strain of travelling, we were ready for the beach. A few days later we arrived at a paradise-like beach in Ifaty, just north of Tulear. Our accommodation in Le Paradisier was better than ever expected! A blue pool, big restaurant, with a lounge area on the terrace and our bungalows, right at the beach. What a treat after long travelling!!

– Susan

There may not be any pirate treasures left on St. Marie, but just being in Madagascar is a treasure itself. The thing that stood out most for me was the fact that it was still so “untouched”. After visiting many destinations around the world I found it totally exhilarating to be in a country where you are not hounded by the locals to come and take a look in their shops or eat in their restaurants. You can walk the streets without being tugged on or gawk at.

The people are friendly and helpful but in a very “quiet” way. I found Antananarivo to be totally refreshing, not in terms of clean air but the hustle and bustle, noises, smells and energy of a third world city, with no traffic lights!!

It was a break from our stark, sterile western cities, but also makes you appreciate the “organisation” we have back home. The highlight for me was Ile St. Marie, an absolute gem off the northeast coast of Madagascar. Untouched, pristine, everything I imagined a tropical island to be. I can’t get over how blue the water was, fringed by soft white sandy beaches and lush green vegetation. AMAZING!!!

The accommodation on the beach was outstanding and I’m already thinking of when I can go back there, next time to stay longer and explore St. Marie on a scooter.”

Berenice and Tom

The service from Jenman Safaris was first rate; from the original enquiry to the final booking, and then having to deal with later changes. In so far as Madagascar and Nosy Be is concerned: It is still a little piece of heaven on earth and I fell completely in love with the environment, the culture and the people. At the very last minute I decided to stay for an extra week whereupon I was able to enjoy a very local experience. Despite the language barrier I was treated to such wonderful hospitality from everyone I encountered; the whole experience humbled me beyond belief.

The evening spent in Tana was also an adventure – more so that I was there alone – and I intend to return to the mainland on my next holiday, which will be quite soon. What else can I say? You need to be adventurous; you need to have an open mind. You cannot visit expecting it to be like other Indian Ocean island e.g. Mauritius. You need to get out and appreciate the wonder and beauty of the people and the land; so, if you are one of those people who prefer resort-type holidays then this is probably not for you.

Conversational French or Italian would be great but is not absolutely necessary. I made many friends and have very limited French and no Italian.

– Catherine

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