An Entire World in One Country

An Entire World in One Country

Want to experience the world? Just travel to South Africa…

South Africa is becoming a popular destination with the weak Rand (a welcoming hurrah for American and European travellers), relaxed visa regulations and that the perception of Africa is that it’s no longer just viewed as a “safari only” destination. Our World In One Country tour is a 20-day safari that explores the Panorama Route, the Kruger National Park, St Lucia boat cruise and game drive in Hluhluwe National Park, walking in the Drakensberg Mountains, Lesotho 4×4 Route, Garden Route, Cango Caves and Cape Town.

More and more, there is a growing awareness that South Africa is not painted with the same brush but that it has a multi-ethnic and rich culture. The advantage of visiting South Africa is that travellers get to experience different terrains, climates and cultures in just a few weeks and all within one border.

Different climates in one country

If you drive just an hour outside of Cape Town, the landscape already looks so different. Roll down the window and the vast, rolling mountains as you drive through small towns or past plains and fields and people-free stretches of pure African wilderness.

South Africa offers different climate zones ranging from Mediterranean (the Western Cape), subtropical (coastal areas of the Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga Lowveld plains) and the cooler high-lying grassland
savannah, semi desert of the Northern Cape and Karoo.

Hike, swim, drink wine… do it all here!

South Africa has it all: wine farms, spots for extreme sports, tropical beaches with warm water and anything fun under the sun. It’s a country full of adventure and perfect for any visitor.

If you are a beach bum, then you can chose between the warm and cold beaches. The warmer beaches are on the east coast while the colder beaches are on the west coast. If you love your hiking boots, then you will be happy in places like the Cederberg mountains, Table Mountain National Park, De Hoop Nature Reserve or Coffee Bay to name just a few.

For the more adventurous there is a range of activities like: caving, zip-lining, sliding down dunes, fishing, birdwatching, canoeing or surfing.

Rainbow of cultures

Known as the rainbow nation, South Africa can boast a multitude of interesting people and traditions and cultures. When you live in South Africa, you become used to living with people from different ethnicity and backgrounds and religions. Meet the Zulus in Natal, the Bushmen, the millennials and hipsters in the vibrant cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town.

A part of experience the country in the best way possible is by going on a cultural tour. South Africa has a very hospitable culture that welcomes visitors and locals are very excited to show off their traditions.
You can experience the 11 official languages, different food inspired by the Malay and African cultures, and the fascination history of this country.

Good exchange rate

It’s a good time for international travellers to pack their bags and take advantage of travelling to South Africa with the newly relaxed visa regulations, and the weak Rand exchange rate.

That means for you:
– The average cost of a can of coke of R8 (about 0,50 USD / 0,40 Euro)
– An average meal will cost about R150 (about 10 USD/ 9 Euro)
– A cable car up Table Mountain is about R200 (about 19 USD/18 Euro)
– A cup of good coffee will cost about R25 (about 1,60 USD/ 1,50 Euro)

This means you can do more and see more on a budget.

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JENMAN African Safaris has over 15 years of experience as a tour operator in Southern Africa. Our World In One Country tour is a 20-day safari that explores the Panorama Route, game drives in Kruger National Park, Kingdom of Swaziland, St Lucia boat cruise and game drive in Hluhluwe National Park, walking in the Drakensberg Mountains, Lesotho 4×4 Route, Garden Route, Cango Caves and Cape Town.

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