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Inspirational Pack For a Purpose Donation

Inspirational Pack For a Purpose Donation

We recently received the most incredible Pack for a Purpose donation, all organised by a young girl from Wisconsin in the United States. The family were planning a holiday to Africa and their daughter decided to do some research before the time to see how they can make a difference while visiting. In her search, she found the Pack for a Purpose page on the JENMAN African Safaris website and decided this was a worthy cause she would like to support.

After sharing this with her parents they encouraged her to take it even further. Her mother was busy studying for her MBA and this enterprising young woman bravely gave a presentation to her mother’s MBA class about Pack for a Purpose and her goal of helping schoolchildren in Africa, which was very well received.

As you can imagine, there were some well-connected members of that MBA class who were able to give generously, business owners who were able to utilise their funds and connections to make considerable donations to her cause. In total, the family bought 68 kgs of school supplies along with them on their journey, 5 big suitcases of donations! Among the items, they donated where flashcards, calculators, crayons, magazines, glue sticks, exercise books, rulers, balls, backpacks, dictionaries, English grammar books and so much more – it really is an amazing collection of items!

Our CEO, Katja Quasdorf, met with the family in Cape Town to receive the donation as well as personally thank them. She was especially impressed with the young girl’s motivation and dedication. She brought along a Grow Africa t-shirt for them as a token of our thanks. The items will all go to Dingani Primary School in Zimbabwe. This rural school of just over 300 pupils has very limited resources and items such as exercise books, glue stick, and rulers that most people take for granted are far out of their reach. Donations like these go a very long way in assisting the learners with their education and in turn giving them a chance at improving their future.

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