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Chitake Springs

Chitake Springs

Experience the captivating Chitake Springs with Camp Mana, a remarkable spot for camping and wildlife enthusiasts. Located in the southern region of the Mana Pools National Park, below the escarpment, this destination is reserved for walking safaris, attracting true safari enthusiasts seeking an authentic adventure. With no enclosures around the camp, it is not uncommon to witness the sight of majestic wild animals, including lions, freely wandering about. To truly immerse yourself in the wildlife encounter, we recommend a minimum three-night stay at the camp.

What is Chitake Springs known for?

Chitake Springs is a natural phenomenon located within the Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. It is a series of freshwater springs that emerge from the ground and flow into the Chitake River during the dry season. These springs attract an abundance of wildlife, making it a significant wildlife hotspot within Mana Pools. During the dry season, when water sources become scarce in the surrounding area, animals flock to Chitake Springs to quench their thirst. Elephants, lions, buffalo, and various antelope species are among the frequent visitors to this vital water source. The concentration of wildlife around Chitake Springs often leads to dramatic interactions and predator-prey dynamics, creating incredible opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography. Chitake Springs is also known for its rugged and remote setting, providing a unique and authentic wilderness experience for adventurous safari-goers. Walking safaris and game drives in the vicinity of Chitake Springs offer a chance to witness the raw beauty of Mana Pools and observe the remarkable wildlife that congregates there.

The Best Time to Camp at Chitake Springs

During the dry season, the springs become a vital water source for a diverse range of wild animals, resulting in remarkable sightings throughout the safari season. Our knowledgeable guides will accompany you to the finest vantage points, ensuring an unforgettable safari experience. Be prepared to encounter predators such as lions, leopards, hyenas, painted dogs, snakes, and more, as they are frequently spotted in the area, adding an exhilarating touch for visitors. Witness the spectacle of large herds of elephants and buffaloes quenching their thirst, providing a breathtaking display of nature’s wonders. Chitake Springs is the perfect haven for nature enthusiasts who deeply appreciate the untouched wilderness and all its marvels.

Camp Mana

Mana Pools, a UNESCO recognized world heritage site, stands as one of Africa’s most remarkable wildlife destinations. Boasting fertile floodplains that teem with an incredible array of wildlife, this area is renowned for its staggering concentrations of elephants, buffalo, lions, and particularly, painted dogs. For those seeking an unparalleled walking safari experience, Mana Pools unquestionably reigns supreme. Moreover, it holds a revered status among wildlife photographers and is arguably the ultimate destination in Africa for awe-inspiring canoeing safaris. Nestled within the boundaries of Mana Pools National Park, Camp Mana graces a picturesque bend in the Zambezi River, overlooking a serene small floodplain that lies between the camp and the main channel. Strategically positioned just 15 km upstream from the National Park headquarters at Nyamepi, the camp offers a prime location for immersing oneself in the captivating wonders of the park.

Steve Bolnick

Steve is a revered figure among southern Africa’s most exceptional guides, his expertise and passion unrivaled in the region. With a lifelong affinity for Africa deeply rooted in his upbringing, he has dedicated the past four decades to living and guiding across the diverse landscapes of southern Africa. Steve’s wealth of experience and intimate knowledge of the region make him a truly exceptional guide, enriching every expedition with his profound understanding and unwavering dedication.

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